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Bureau Of Prisons

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005 (modified on Jun 24, 2005)
Total Funding:$13,350,000
Funding Programs:3
Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the care and custody of those persons convicted of Federal crimes and sentenced by the courts to serve a period of time incarcerated in a Federal penal institution, and pretrial usmc detainees. The Bureau carries out this responsibility by operating a nationwide system of high, medium, and minimum security prisons, administrative facilities, and utilizes contract confinement. The Central Office in Washington provides overall coordination of Bureau of Prisons operations on a nationwide basis, issues standards and policy guidelines, and retains responsibility for those activities not delegated to regional or field management levels. The Regional Offices, located in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas, Texas Maryland and California, are responsible for the management of Bureau institutions and programs within each region.

Funding Programs